A single, unifying system that streamlines clinical reporting and coding in the cath lab

More than the next generation of structured reporting, EtchCV works seamlessly in your existing CV ecosystem to simplify and streamline every step of clinical documentation and coding. Complex procedures are captured conveniently and accurately in a physician-designed interface.

By automating the workflow, both hospitals and providers obtain the true and complete value of every procedure, reducing errors in patient records and eliminating time-consuming handoffs.

A visual interface designed by physicians

Capture complex cases more accurately with Etch's smart forms. Each procedure is finely tuned for accuracy and completeness while minimizing unnecessary entry.

Dedicated compliance interface saves time

An Etch compliance user can quickly send a case back to the physician for further review or additional information – in a single step. EtchCV always contains the latest changes to the NCCI, and our experts and engineers are constantly working on the next version.

Simplify your cath lab workflow at each step while improving revenues

Increased coding accuracy and capture

Our audits have measured case error rates averaging 50%, even among the most diligent systems, resulting in undercoding or compliance risks.

Gain a day or more in your revenue cycle

The unified workflow of EtchCV means fewer handoffs, less sequential work, and faster time to billing.

Built for efficiency

Unlike other systems, Etch captures both the clinical inputs and the coding outputs in a single case record. This reduced workload results in a reduction in overall workflow time of 50% with EtchCV.

Physician billing and education benefits

EtchCV keeps CPT codes compliant with the latest guidelines, eliminating the need for physician coding education.

See the power of Etch

Find out how Etch can simplify your cath lab workflow.

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